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The best program for a safe introduction into running!

I am not a runner. I dont enjoy it much, especially when Im out of shape. About 4 years ago, I weighed 272 lbs. I was 2 weeks postpartum with my youngest child and I knew I needed to make a change. I was a single mom of 3 kids, and I had just graduated nursing school about a month earlier. I didnt have much money, but I had an iPhone.... And a stroller. I loaded the baby into the back of the stroller, put the 3 year old on the front. I had my 6 year old ride his bike in front of me. This program became our routine. A few times a week, I could steal away a few minutes for myself and go run solo, and how glorious it was. Over the next few months, I changed- which is something I thought I couldnt do. Running became my grounding place. It became my solace. I got chewed out by a doctor at work, Id hit the pavement. Coparenting drama... Wheres my running shoes? By August 2012, I was ready to run my first 5k at 190 lbs, and I did. I remember the way it felt when I reached the workout that says "Run 20 minutes." I thought "yeah, right." Id been overweight my whole life. The exhilaration of knowing I could do that... Running for 20 solid minutes, and it only got better from there. Since then, running has been an ebb and flow kind of thing. Like the tide, theres times when Im in it and times when I could care less. Ive picked up additional athletic pursuits along the way- cycling, lifting, swimming. But here I am, 4 years later- Im in a much different place in my life, but now again Im seeking to find that grounding place. Some days with my dog by my side, and other days alone. Im pounding my country road and this app is helping me get back to that baseline. So, if youre reading this and telling yourself that you cant do it, try anyway. Prove yourself wrong. This is the app to choose. It blends seamlessly with your music playlist- or Im a big fan of Spotify running. It slowly builds up your endurance so you dont hate it completely. Not every day will be sunshine and rainbows... Some days its going to be hard, and thats okay. Lace up your shoes and do it anyway. Everybody has to start somewhere... And for me, this app is the best place to start.

Great app but Needs better prompts

I love this app. The only issue - its hard to hear the prompts over my music to tell you when its time to run or walk. Otherwise, this is an outstanding app to get you into running. Would love to see warm ups or stretches included in future versions.


I actually look forward to the run. (And I hate running) Very motivating.


Never would I ever think of doing a 5K but an opportunity came up so I had to take it. This app has made it easy to begin running and get me in shape!

Great for All Levels

This app is great for someone like me who definitely needed to build up to running long distances. I never would have imagined being able to do some of the workouts in this program, but somehow I was able to! The build-up program is very effective. Great app!

Worth the $2!

Love this app! If not for it I would still be on my couch ☺️

Inherently motivating!

Perfect for new runners, like myself. Excited to graduate to the 10k program!


I like how u can ease your way into it no pressure and if your not comfortable you can repeat until you are ready for the next step.


So happy with the format. I listen to podcasts or music and dont worry the slightest about queues. The information collected is all I need.


I love this app. Its a good workout and I feel myself getting stronger every day!

Easy to use app that keeps you on track

Has a well defined program that gets you up and running in no time

Thank you.

This app makes running easy.

Best 5k app ever!!

Never lags, shows me everything I need to know on how I am doing and how I can improve.

I hate running, but...

This app is awesome for it. I love the zombie coach. Worth the $2.

Couldnt have asked for a better app

This app helps with getting me from wanting to do a mile to completing 2miles in just a weeks time. It connects to iTunes and your playlist for your own motivational music and tracks your progress. You can even skip workouts if you feel you are able to advance

Great for a group!

My friends & I decided to download this app to gets us in shape for a 5K and to all around get us off the couch! I love that I can play my music and have my "trainer" tell me when to walk and jog. Honestly, I wouldnt be as dedicated if I didnt have friends join in, too. We hold each other accountable, encourage and we love to compete. I encourage anyone who downloads, they have a friend or more download as well! Its a great app and worth it!

Really good fitness app!

The one tip I will give users or app techs is for iPhone you have to have the phone auto lock set to "never" (and coach25k open) if you are listening to a music streaming app. If its on auto lock you coach doesnt talk through your head phones. You will get a vibrated message. I was jogging for almost 3 minutes before I realized I missed my walk time lol

Really useful!

Really makes your run convenient and easy to follow.

Trying to lose the weight

I just started the app. It works good however about half way thru I do not hear the cues? Wondering why that is. Also if you do not complete the workout it does not log it at all. Like I did and hour walk, but it froze several times and didnt count the walk even though it was only supposed to be A 20 min routine. Also I would love more voice choices. Like a Sergio who made it humorous maybe telling me Jog or your own shoes will run away. Or do you want to look good in a bath suit Cuz you dont now. There is only one choice of a man and that is the sergeant. Im sorry I dont respond well to a girl telling me to run. I hate her already if she is better looking than me.


I havent run in about 3 years and I am looking to get back in the game. Usually I over do it the first few workouts and quit, but Couch to 5k keeps my expectations realistic and keeps me coming back for more!! Would recommend to anyone.

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