Couch to 5K® - Run training App Reviews

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Great Appz

Just started week 6, app progresses perfectly!

Great app

I used the older version of C to 5K before but didnt feel it helped much. This new and improved version is definitely better and more user friendly. I love being able to choose my own "coach".


I love this app! It gets me going every time. Ive never had any issues with it. Mine gives me prompts when my screen locks!

Audio cues not working.

Had this app before on my S5. Now I have an iPhone 6. App is great except for the fact that none of the audio cues are working. All I get is a vibration cue, and I dont even have vibration cues turned on in the settings. This makes things difficult because I have no clue where Im at in the workout. Please fix!

Horrible App

Do not buy this app. Listen to the reviews that say it kills your battery. I was almost done with my first workout and still had 35% left on my battery. Checked it a minute later and my phone was dead. Didnt record my results it was a wasted work out. Wish I could get a refund!

Messes up

Week 3 workout makes you repeat portions. Very frustrating when you are half way thru the cool down and the time left increases by 10 minutes. Was worth it at first but will need to find an app that records time properly.

Love it

Never been a runner so this is a huge help! I was able to run 2 miles the first day with the help of this app.

Great except GPS

Mostly really like this app. Good pace and motivation. But the GPS function is awful. It will go from yellow to green within moments. Nothing is more frustrating than finishing a run to realize it thinks you only ran .18 mi


Im way too lazy / uninterested to ever rate apps, but when I got the notification "rate this app in the App Store?" I couldnt refuse. One of the best apps for tracking your running / workouts. I love it.

Few Kinks

I just wish all of the cues worked, otherwise, I find this app very helpful for training. I currently hear the cues for walking and jogging but nothing else.

Love this app

This app is fantastic. Im around 250lbs and just a flew threw week 3 day 1. Deff recommend to anyone. Couch potato or no

Easy to use, easy to feel accomplished

I am a non-runner. Im not particularly athletic or competitive, but I decided to use this app to improve my health. It made it really easy to increase and improve my run times.

Love it

Love this app...

So far so good

I heard about this training program from my brother; then I found the app. So far so good, especially once I figured out how to play my music AND still hear the signals to walk/jog from the app. Other than that (which was more user error than anything lol) no complaints. Never ran a 5K so, I like the feature where you can find organized events in your area!

Great for Air Force

Im 18 trying to get to a mile 1/2 for Air Force bootcamp in a decent time, and so far this app has helped me learn how to run and figure out a breathing pattern. Great!

Great app, amazing results

I used to be off my feet all day every day, now I feel like I could go for a few miles straight, and I only just finished my first of nine weeks!

Awesome User Experience!

When I saw the slightly cheesy cartoon interface, I expected the app to be a flop. I was pleasantly surprised to discover how helpful this app is! Works perfectly with Spotify running feature. Just turn on your tunes, open the couch to 5k app, and lock your phone. The app tells you when to switch from walking to running, tells you when youve reached your halfway point, and lets you know when youre starting too cool down! And it doesnt bombard you with annoying carter other than that! Makes it super easy to start or get back into running all on your own! Definitely recommend!

Freezing and Crashing

Im not happy that I just purchased this app and it is continually freezing and crashing.

Playlist issues

No matter what I do I cant get the app to play the correct playlist that I made for running! Its so frustrating. I dont want to listen to slow love songs while Im trying to run. Wish they would fix the issue as I see others have complained about the same thing.

Keeps crashing

Just started using the app again this week and it has crashed every day when I complete the workout. Not sure what to do to fix this

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