Couch to 5K® - Run training App Reviews

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Changed my life!

I used to be one of those lazy potatoes that would laugh and introduce themselves with a « I’m not very sporty, you know! », even though one part of me knew that my life would be much better with some exercise: for my mood, my heart, my breath, my weigh maintenance as I get older, my strength… For years I’ve had many attempts, but they all failed! Now I realize this is because I was going too hard at the beginning and lost my energy and motivation too quickly as a result… This app gave me a structure to follow and made me believe that my body was physically able to do it! I used to go red, out of breath and with chest pain after running for 5 minutes! Now I can easily run 20 minutes straight without 1 drop of sweat, I’ve already run as far as for 45 minutes and I believe I can even do more than that! All I’m saying is, if you’re bored of feeling like you’re going to die when going up the stairs, you know what you should do...

Need to keep it open

It works in terms of getting you to run 5k! But if youre listening to, for example, Spotify, you need to keep this app open at all times, otherwise you wont hear the instructions...


Highly recommended.

Simple, beautiful: perfect for getting fit!

Been doing this for a few workouts, great app!

Lets jog!

I love this app. It motivates me every time to keep on doing the C25k run. Especially the "halfway there" info is helpful.

Very nice and really helpful!!!

Body after baby

This app has really motivates me to get back on the running trail after the birth of my first child. Thank you!!


Never been a runner, this makes it easy and enjoyable to learn :)

Great App !!!

Great tool for motivating someone who runs very little or not at all, to become someone who can do a 5k

It really works

Gradual build up creates feeling of accomplishment which in turn motivates one to continue. Great for getting back in shape. One negative is its sensitivity while running when not locked. Hate how it can skip ahead or back to next activity so easily. A cure for this would be to put more info on the locked screen.


Great app. Great for a new runner. The change from walking to jogging needs to be louder and would be nice to have a larger display for how much time left. But love it.good for a start. Too much of a jump between times and does not record if you use one run again

Just crashes.

Crashes on launch since the update yesterday... Just bought the app the day before. It was good for that one run I could use it for!:(

Loves it!!

Definitely the motivation I need. Great app. Loves it

Keeps me going

Program seems logical slowly increasing the running and decreasing walking. Only problem was trying to figure out the perfect volume setting so I could hear prompts. Glad that settings include ability to stop auto lock of screen. Stats are good too. Overall very useful and I would recommend it.

Week 3

I was more of a "dead lump on floor" than even "couch"

Fantastic app!

So glad to have this app! It helps motivate me when I feel as though Im not up for a run. I go back and revisit the easier ones on my hard days and still feel successful because Ive accomplished something. Its a great way to keep track. It does all the work and I dont have to think about anything, just walk/run and before I know it, Im done. So awesome!

Why does it track in miles and not Km ?

Why does couch to 5k track my distance in miles with no clear easy way to change the units to kilometres ?

Works well...when it wants to

Love the program. The app...not so much. It sometimes works well; other times though, the voice cues will work for first part of the workout, and then stop for a few prompts...and then start again. And sometimes, they work through the whole workout.

Pretty good so far!

The app works well as long as you can hear the prompts. I had to use the lock in the app so I can hear the prompts which is frustrating if I want to change a song midworkout. Also wish there was a way to continue tracking distance once your done the program for days when you want to go a little further. Otherwise very happy.


Easy to use and effective.

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