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Great Appz

Just started week 6, app progresses perfectly!

This app ignited a new passion

This app completely changed my outlook on working out. I went from not being able to run a mile to running 5-7miles 5times a week. This app introduced me to the world of running and started great new hobby for me.

Pretty good app but the interval jumps are too high.

I like the idea of the app in that it coaches you in your headphones when to run or walk, so you dont have to constantly look at your watch for your intervals. Make sure your ringer is on or it wont prompt you when the screen is blank. My main complaint is that there is a huge jump in run intervals between weeks 2 and 3. Running is not my strong suit and going from a 1.5 minute run interval to three full minutes is too much of a jump. There needs to be a 2/2 interval in there first. Also, the app gets a little glitchy sometimes and can mess up where you are in your workout. I still hate running so if I miss a walk prompt or if the app glitches to the wrong set, its quite annoying.

Not worth $$. Easy to miss run/walk prompts

12/14/16 - messed up another workout due to no warning that phone was on mute. In this day, if Im going to have to pay for an app, it had better be good. This app is not. Audio prompts to run/walk are hard to hear and I have missed several. If you accidentally have your phone on mute, you will hear a prompt to start the workout, but no other prompts. You have to launch your music separately from the workout. But it stops your music when the workout ends - leaving you with a quiet walk home unless you manually restart the music. Yes there are workarounds to many of these issues, but I expected better.

Love it!

Great for beginners or those looking to pace themselves and get back to running without overdoing it


I promise you I eat out almost everyday. I never though I could run for this long. 3 sessions and im almost at 2 miles in 30 minutes. Its crazy!!!

Love it!

I just had a baby and need to get back into shape. This really motivates me to keep going!

I can run!

At 39 yrs old, I have never run any significant distance. I never considered myself to have what it took to be a "runner." But with this app I have found not only can I run, but it is never to late to start a new hobby! I LOVE RUNNING!!! (who knew!? Lol). I plan to continue on to the 10k training after I finish my 2nd official 5k.


I will not be associated with a product (Kelloggs) that supports a person or organization trying to destroy a country that I love the United States of America!!!!!!

Great app!

I can finally run again!

Easy and holds you accountable!

If you like walking but want to do more, this is a great app for gradually increasing your fitness time. Just open, choose your coach and go!


The only time the sound that a Phibro is if the app is open in my hand kind of defeats the purpose of this app

So far, so good

I just started Week 3 and just ran farther than I have since high school. I just might make it to a 5K


Great app! Made my goal attainable with out injury

Audio Issues

Cant hear audio, and tonight lost audio and vocals on my music, could only hear the instruments. Have tried all the usual things, sent an email to support yesterday but no response. Sounds like a great app but has been disappointing.

Great App

Very effective!

App not working for me

I like the concept of the app. It really helps me. Ive been using it for 7 weeks now and for someone who could barely run 1 minute, I can do 25 now. It took me a while to get used to the app. Once I figured I had to remove my do not disturb, sounds back on, lock the app but not closing the screen, it worked. Once in a while I get the half way mark cue but 1 out of 5 times if not more. I have a big issue with the iWatch. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt. I do the same thing every time: open the app then open the app on the iWatch. Its really frustrating. It should always work and shouldnt take a geek to figure it out. This is why Im giving it only 2 stars, only because its helping me running but thats it.

Audio Fail

This app is basically unusable due to the fact that the audio prompts dont work consistently. Im a developer and have made fitness apps that use audio prompts correctly. Its tricky but the developer of this app doesnt seem able figure it out.

Good start!

Great to get started and moving. Nice to have something to give you verbal cues so you can just let your mind wander. I may need a different app later but so far this one is just what I need.

This app is perfect for a new runner!

This app is perfectly set up! I love it and use it every time I run!

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