Couch to 5K® - Run training App Reviews

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Some bugs

Love the concept. While playing music voice prompt does not always perform. Needs to be fixed to get a higher rating.

Love this app!!!

Does everything that I was needing to reach my 5K Goal.

Need slight fix

Great app!! Only thing it needs is auto music reduction while the trainer speaks... Then it would be awesome!!!

Great App...Love It!

Great app, has really helped me actually like to run. Hoping to do 10k next.


Has really helped getting back into running. I wish it would allow me to play podcasts while running, I dont always want to listen to music.

So far so good!

Only on my 3rd week, but Im finding the slow increase manageable. Im overweight, and running terrifies me. While Im running I feel like dying and cant keep my eyes off the clock, but when its over I feel like a million bucks. Im looking forward to hitting 5K.

What couch

Excellent app Give you lots of motivation Love it

App bug

The voice stop after halfway of the workout... Please fix the bug

Volume of trainer erratic

Try as I might, even if I dont forget to turn my phones ringer on, the trainers voice is not always audible (sometimes theres a break in the audio which is enough of a cue). The GPS is also incredibly inaccurate, as far as I can tell. Nevertheless, the apps drawbacks havent stopped me from finding it effective and motivating to use.

Great app, got me off the couch

Great app, got me off the couch

Great app!

On week three and I am new to running.

Does what it says it will

Cant figure out how to make the app still give voice cues when the phone goes dark but that could be just me

Finally, I found an app that motivates me!

My daughter and I are loving doing this workout together! We are new to running but this app makes it manageable and fun. Thank you for helping us newbies feel better about getting in shape and becoming healthier by exercising more.

Simple but powerful!

The basics of how this app works are fairly simple – a timer with voice prompts to start and stop etc. – but I’ve found a couple of its’ features to be quite valuable. I love that I can play my own music while I run (as opposed to old C25K podcasts where you were stuck with their choice of music) AND that it maps my run/walk and lets me know how far I’ve gone. The only thing missing is a option to raise/lower the volume of the voice prompts (but not your music). When I first started I missed a couple and had to improvise. Hope to make to 5K soon!

Love it

Super motivating

A good app

I used this to get into running and was running 15k at one point. (Lost 40 lbs). Fell off the wagon and am using it again to get back in the groove.

Great way to get back into shape!!

Love the interval training. Never seems to be too much to handle. Easily transitions one from being a couch potato to a 5 k runner.

It works !!

Heading into week 7!! Still motivated and loving it, even when it gets tough. Feeling accomplished and fit !! This app is great !

Very good

Does a great job of moving you along comfortably and tracking your progress. Great app.

Great App

Going through it for the second time!! Like following my progress & the map is great for this too. I just record in a book where I was the last time I ran, see how I compare this time around.

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