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Works like a charm

This is the start of a new me, app works as promised! Just follow the schedule!!

Current update locked me out and crashes app

Latest update locked me out and made me set a new log in now as soon as the app opens it closes again immediately. Was the Special K sponsorship worth it? I don’t think so.

Frustrated & Disappointed

The update crashed the app. It closes as soon as I open it and is unusable. I have three years worth of data on there...

Horrible update

Ive used this app for a long time and I always liked it, but Im really disappointed with the latest update. When I went for my run yesterday, I had to register to be able to use the app. Whats up with that? They could at least have made it a facultative feature. And to add the insult to the injury, the app is now filled with Kellogs ads. I paid for this app, I expect it to be ad free.

App disabled

The latest update completely disabled my app, holding it for ransom unless I signed up for another service. Even when I attempted to login through Facebook (not that this app deserves that information), the signup didnt work. Avoid this app until they treat their users with respect, instead of a treasure trove of data mining.

Seasonal jogger

I love this app! I enjoyed jogging but I never have time to do it all the time so I find this app helps me get back into the routine with little effort. Measures distance, time and has a clear speaking trainer and I can easily listen to the music I want!

Great app

Works great. Verbal cues are clear works great with iPod or streaming music. Only complaint is it tracks everything in miles.... Given its name there should be an option to change to metric.

So simple to use

Great app, especially if youre like me and never ran before. Simple to use and gradual increase is great. If you dont feel ready to move to the next workout, just repeat the last one. I would have given it five stars if it had the ability to allow you to program your own workouts at the end. But other than that, love it!

Lazy programmers

What I like: Ive never run before and this got me going. Its a graded program that I wouldnt otherwise have started. What I dont like: the app is just a cookie cutter product. As stated, the graded increase in effort is great. However there is little else to this product. As one increases duration and effort I would like some feedback in the app. It would be really nice to have notifications when one is, say, half way through a segment. Or perhaps a countdown forthe last couple of minutes...just a comment like two minutes to go so one has an idea where we are at. I find myself pulling out my phone to check my progress. If some people dont want that, the app could allow it to be turned off As it is now, there is a voice that says half way in the workout once at about 14 minutes and thats it. Otherwise all you get is run or walk . I think this omission is plain laziness on the part of the vendor. Lots of free apps provide more feedback. In sum: its worth the $3 because it got me going, but only 3 stars for lack off effort on their part.

GPS not working on iphone 4

Niestety, GPS nie działa na iphone 4. Unfortunately, GPS does not work on iphone 4. I have the yellow dot all the time.

Useful app

Useful app for those who wants to start running.

Its very useful app

Highly recommend

Good for those who want to start running but dont know how!


The best app 4 beginners.

Very useful app



Sometimes theres a bug about the "half way message" because dont work. Please, solve this problem. Please. Add the italian language... Thank you...

Well structured and feature rich app

I got the app hoping that it would integrate well with the Apple Watch. It does that. It lets you know through taps when to cycle between walking and jogging. It allows the music thru easily and stops it when your workout is done. The logging has all the data I would want. All in all a very good app. A couple of quibbles: 1. It would be nice to have the option of having an audible cue. I dont always feel the tap even with it turned to its hardest setting. It would be even nicer if it was in the trainers voice. 2. Better integration with HealthKit. I have to use the Fitness app in tandem to get the heart rate data. It makes juggling between the apps on my Watch cumbersome.

Good App But Alerts Dont Work When Phones Locked

I like this app, but when I navigate to a different app or lock my phone the trainer voice doesnt alert me. Keeping my phone on for 30 minutes really drains my battery. (iPhone 7)

Awesome app for former runners looking to get back into it!

I used to run and walk quite a bit and was looking for a way to ease back into it. This app is fantastic for easing back into a cardio routine! The first week is just the right pace and perfect combination of walking and running so that Im not overtaxing my lungs or my joints. Im loving it so far and actually look forward to doing it because it makes me feel great and very accomplished when Im done!


Please fix the app so it does not ask me every time I open it about notifications.

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