Couch to 5K® - Run training App yorumlar


Use this app with my kids and we love it!

Worth it

So easy to follow and for the price it’s a great deal! Love Johnny as my personal trainer!!

Used to be good

I used to love this app as it’s helped me get back into shape multiple times after falling out of running for a bit. However, since I started using it again this time it’s been no help at all. I’m just staring week 3, and already 4 times it’s just completely crashed on me. When I go to reopen the app, hoping to have at least an idea where it died, there’s not even anything showing I actually started the workout. This is frustrating for tracking progress I’ve made, which is one reason I really like this app, but it also totally disrupts my workout. When it crashes I’m not always sure how far I am into my workout, as I don’t watch it while I’m running and just listen to cues. It’s also frustrating because I then have to completely stop the run to try and figure out where I was at and get started again, which completely messes up my pace. Like I said, I used to completely love this app and would have gave it 5 stars. But at this point with all the glitching I wish I would have just gone with a different running app.

Not actually Apple Watch app

Bought this app because of the Apple Watch app, was not aware that you still have to run with your phone in order to use the watch app.... so it’s pretty useless. Also, incredibly buggy- every time I look at my watch, it first flashes the “start workout on iPhone” screen before showing my time.

I did it!

Before using this app I had never run more than 1 mile without stopping. Today, a few days after finishing this app, I ran 5k for the first time! Definitely worth the purchase.

Music Won’t Shuffle

Like the app but did the latest update and now my music won’t shuffle. Keeps starting with the same song.

Great app

Good for encouraging to get up and go. Little steps at a time.

Terrible app - shuts down randomly

Do not waste your money. It periodically just stops recording your distance. Works off of phones GPS so not sure what the problem is. My Fitbit works fine using my phones GPS

Always the best

I love this app. I’m pretty sure it’s the same regiment as the C25K instructions I printed off the internet and stuck next to my treadmill years before apps were introduced. My rating is missing a star for 2 reasons. 1) it doesn’t sync up with the Health app, so my phone doesn’t pick up on how much exercise I’ve actually done. 2) there is no function to just say that I’m doing the workout on the treadmill. Yes, I can change the distance later, but the app still “tracks” me and I wind up with a messy looking gps route that I didn’t actually run.

Great App. Strongly Recommended

I have loved using this app. In the beginning I doubted that I would be able to do this, but this app has helped me lose 20lbs, and I am not even finished with the program. I feel healthier and I have now started looking forward to the workouts. Thanks for a great app.

This app is great

I am using this app again after taking a 3-year hiatus. I’m mostly a couch potato but my son’s school is having a spirit run 5k and I signed up. 😂 This app helped me prep 3 yrs ago and it’s helping me again. I love the workouts—keeps me focused and gives me a goal to shoot for each run. I don’t do the social media stuff so I can’t comment there. But the controls and history log are all easy to use. I highly recommend this app!!


App works well and even works while using another running app I like. Only have 4 stars because I’m only 1 week into it and I don’t know if it’s going to get me 5K ready right now but I am enjoying it :)

Nice but Annoying

I love the app while I’m running it’s good motivation and great pace and logging. However it requires notifications to be on in order to work properly. Which is fine while I’m running but it is frustrating that the red dot for notification is always on. I’ve opened every single portion of the app and can’t get the notification dot to go away. So I have to turn off notifications after I’m done using the app every single time

Best App Ever!

I hated running and the trainer at the gym suggested this app to ease me into it! I’m still not awesome, but I’m working hard! I’ve re-run some exercises and started over after having a baby. This app is perfect for the reluctant runner or just improving cardio endurance! I love it!


App keeps freezing up will not let you start a run


App crashes before starting run. May need iOS 12 upgrade.

Don’t buy use another free app

I used to love this app but lately it’s been freezing and/or crashing all together...losing all running data for that day’s run. A shame since you pay for the app


It crashes every time I open it. This app is not what it used to be.

Great app for those wanting to get into running.

Before I bought the app, I was at the beginning of a huge weight loss journey. I’ve always wanted to be a runner but being severely overweight made that difficult. Over the course of the year I shed around 40lbs and bought the app to start. Now at the beginning, I could already run a mile nonstop but it was still a bit difficult. The training program starts off pretty slow but it picks up around week 4-5. I was able to finish the program in the 9 weeks and am currently running 3 5ks a week. The run is honestly one of the highlights of my day. Since using this app, I have lost another 30lbs. If you want to get into running, I recommend this app. Pros: As far as features go, I love that there are different “trainers” you can choose from. Granted they are only really helpful during the beginning of the program. The design of the app is really nice. I like being able to go back and compare my runs to one another and the GPS tracking is very accurate. Cons: I mentioned that the gps was very accurate but have noticed one thing. I also wear a FitBit Charge 2 when I run and use the run tracker alongside the C25K app so I don’t have pull my phone out to see what my distance is. However when I finish my run, my distance ran is always different on the C25K app and the FitBit. So I’m not sure which one is off but they are both close enough to where it isn’t a huge deal ( within .15 of a mile). I had one instance where on a run, my phone paused my run for no apparent reason. When I hit 35 minutes, I looked at my phone and the workout was paused saying I had only ran .08 miles. It’s only happened once though so maybe it was just a misclick on my end. Overall, this is one of the best apps I have ever bought and definitely my favorite as it has gotten me into a new hobby. If you want to get into running or you’re just looking to get into better shape, this app is definitely worth the money. 10/10.


bad knees --> slow workups that help me immensely!!

Not iOS12 compatible

iPhone 8+, as of iOS12 it crashes instantly on the instructor page


I updated and now every time I try to change my trainer the application crashes! My mom also uses this app and she is having the same issue. Just as the weather was getting nice too

Completely broken in iOS 12!

Can’t start a run in iOS 12 — app crashes st the trainer select screen. Get your act together.

Crashes more reliably than it runs

The app is more likely to crash than it is to start your workout. Hangs and crashes.

Used to increase speed for 5k

Love this app. Gives avg total pace as well jog and walk pace. It has really helped shave time off my run

Don’t bother

App never connect and support doesn’t exist


Not sure what people who have this less than 5 stars were looking for. This app will have you enjoying 3 mile runs in 9 weeks. Will be switching to couch to 10k soon.

Love the App, Broken since iOS 12 GM

I love this app and my girlfriend and I are on our 3rd week and we feel great about running. We tried to use it today and the app froze each time we went to select our trainer. Hopefully this gets fixed so I can give it 5 stars!!

Apple Watch doesn’t work!

I downloaded this app to use with my running group. The iPhone app is great, I was happy to see there’s an Apple Watch app too. The Apple Watch app doesn’t work! No matter how many times I try to uninstall and reinstall it will not install completely. It just keeps trying to install, and if you open the app on the watch it just tells you to use the iPhone app. Very frustrating I like to leave my phone and not bring it when I run.

Used to be good. Now mediocre at best.

I used this app and LOVED it 4 years ago when I was training for my first 5k. I got out of running, but recently a friend convinced me to run a 10K in November. I thought this would be a great place to start. Eh. The training piece is good as far as during run instruction. But no matter what I try, it won’t track distances. I can’t get splits. It’s awful. I have to use Map my Run to get the info I need.

Gets the job done. But has some issues.

I used this app eons ago, and was surprised to see the update. It’s nice, I don’t mind that. My issue is the music setup. 1. It’s limited: Pick an artist, album, or playlist. Trying to change it mid-run is nearly impossible. I wish it could work with other music apps, like Spotify or SoundCloud. 2. The cueing is inconsistent — I cant hear the coach tell you to Run/Walk. That is REALLY frustrating. 3. Music shuts off as soon as the workout ends. I don’t always stop after the cool down and this can feel very abrupt. I prob just need to de-couple music and this app. I guess I’ll try this next time, but since it’s built in, this is kind of a bummer. I wish there was a way to use your headphones to request new music, like using Siri.

Music duckin

If the music would duck consistently I would love the app. Watch app won’t work when screen is locked.

Got me off the couch!

I love this app! I’m in week 6 right now and still going...

Unable to connect to Facebook

I started using this app this week and really enjoy it so far! My only complaint is being unable to connect with friends on Facebook. The app is telling me I don’t have friends using Couch to 5K and I know that isn’t true!

I’m 65 and this works for me !

I really like this app. Works great when trying out new routes and is way better than a using a treadmill. I actually look forward to getting out with my ‘coach’ instead of staying on my couch!

Love it

This is my second trip me through. I love the app the only thing that’s difficult is remembering to turn on my volume.

Super helpful

I promised my son I’d run a 5k with him, ran a practice 5k immediately ~2 months before the race and felt horrible all over. Someone told me about this app and I followed it consistently. I was able to run the 5k with increased speed and no pain! It’s been great, and I highly recommend it.

Good basic functionality

I like the workout progression a lot, it’s solid. However, I get lost on my route with no mapping feature, and there’s no way to shuffle music with the in app music function, so I need to either premake playlists or listen to the same one every run.

Wonderful app

The first day I started the couch to 5K I ran part of it on the treadmill before I realized it wasn’t tracking my distance... understandably I wasn’t going far geographically, but I would have thought they could guesstimate on that. So I started running outside and it was much better! I love how you can have different trainers that are more suited to your personality, and that when you burn a certain amount of calories they tell you it’s equivalent in food to help you conceptualize 2 things: 1. How many calories our favorite foods actually have 2. How much you’re burning in comparison to how much you eat in a day. Love this app!

Spotty GPS

I like the app when it works. However, I have to walk 20-30 minutes for the GPS to ‘turn green’ otherwise it doesn’t track anything. (But it has no probably staying green all the way back to my doorstep when my run is over.)

Somethings wrong with unlimited run

I love this app i did all of the 9 weeks! My only problem is the unlimited run. It doesnt keep track of running pace or walking pace anymore and worst part is the time on my run is completely off. One says 80 minutes on running?! Weird right?! I really think they need to work on unlimited running or people will stop using it after the 9 weeks are up

A few changes

This is a great app and the changes made thus far have been helpful. I love that users can access specific playlists, but it would be awesome if that playlist would have a shuffle option. I currently have to fast forward through my running playlist so I’m not listening to the same songs as the day before. Another improvement is to create a complication for the Apple Watch that allows audio through the watch so I don’t have to have my phone with me to run, I can just use my watch. It would make this app a 5 ⭐️ if you could make these changes.

Awesome app

I’m not one to write reviews, but if you’re someone who’s always struggled with running like I have then this is the app for you. Can’t say enough positive things about the app. Worth the download. Only thing I would like to see is more engagement from the trainers. I really love the zombie and would like to hear more of him !

Pretty Good !

I have only been using the app for three days so far, so I guess my review is limited right now. So far the pace is decent (for someone totally out of shape), and hopefully I can keep up as it progresses. I like the different display pages, and how it shows yours your progress a lot. My only complaint is the limited input by the “coach”, and that I barely hear it when it wants me to switch between intervals (not a phone volume issue). I run to music, and when the app wants me to switch between walking and running, it says about 2-4 words that I barely catch over the music. At the beginning the coach sounds good (voice going over the music), but while running it is lacking. I would also like the coach to throw in more words of wisdom and updates to keep me motivated while working out. I definitely plan on using the app through to the 5k, and will try and update as I progress. That’s it for now.

Great but watch needs improvements

Love this app and it works great on the phone...but the Apple Watch version is useless. Constantly shuts off.

Love this app!

This app is amazing! I absolutely love it!

So far so good

Getting back into 🏃‍♀️. I am careful to use the app with a day of rest between. My knees are in their late 50s, so caution rules!

Issues logging distance accurately

I would give this app more stars but the distance is not being logged accurately. The distance stops tracking about halfway through the work out. There is no indications since the voice coach and timer are all still working properly. With out the distance I can not see my progress in any field. Since this app was purchased I would expect it to work better than this. This is definitely a pointless app to have. The app is designed to help you reach a goal but how are you supposed to know where you are at and track progress with the distance not being tracked. Very disappointed

Still love this app, but...

I use this app pretty much every year to get myself started after a winter break, or to increase my pace. It’s a great app. My only quibble: the unnecessary, cutesy animation that interferes with starting each session. Having selected a trainer, why do I have to select *again*? I don’t need to have some cartoon wave me on. When I select the session, at most there should be one more tap to start. Now there’s a tap and a wait then another tap. Why?

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